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Course Integration for Authentic Problem Based Learning: A Case of Bahrain Polytechnic Marketing Major

With the development of employability as a primary mandate, Bahrain Polytechnic has adopted a Teaching and Learning philosophy of Problem Based Learning. In adherence to the institutional espoused brand values of excellence, innovation and learning the faculty of the Bachelor of Business Marketing continues to regionally pioneer creative pedagogical practices in the pursuit of the program’s fit for purpose. This paper reports on the practice of integrating various subdisciplines of marketing in an authentic problem based learning environment, the experiences of the participating faculty and its intended effect on the learners. A descriptive case study is developed based on institutional course documentation that builds the program and impressions by the faculty members with regards to design and delivery of the course. This paper outlines the intentions of the chosen approach towards the development of work ready graduates whereby the faculty reports various positive experiences of the approach as well as obstacles concerning course design, delivery and the learner experience. Future research aims to compare the intentions of the approach with learners’ perception. Keywords - Problem Based Learning, Course Integration, Authentic Learning, and Employability.