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The Impact of Cascaded Mentorship Methodology Towards Competency in The Teaching of Arts Education: A South African Perspective

The paper will demonstrate various uses of mentorship methodology as one of the solutions for the restoration of the Arts Education in South African schools. The history of this methodology, its application and the results it continues to produce in this research project will be discussed. The study suggest that cascaded mentorship methodology is a reliable strategy in resolving challenges facing the successful implementation of arts education in South African schools. The research was a response to the findings of a previous study, which revealed that the majority of the Art educators were not suitably qualified and adequately equipped with skills and expertise to teach the creative arts. In addition, it was found, that there is a lack of professional development programmes and school-based activities to enhance the teaching and learning of Arts Education. This was compounded by inadequate supervision, monitoring and support from subject advisors/specialists as they themselves are not fully equipped to couch and mentor the educators. Keywords - Art Education, South Africa, curriculum development, professional development