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Effect of Screening Students on Knowledge Acquisition Using Differential Equations

The problem of screening students in learning according to ability is studied using differential equations. This study was performed in order to investigate whether a mathematical model normally used in disease models can be applied to knowledge acquisition. This study investigates the effect of varying dropout rates, forgetting rates and interaction with facilitators and other sources on knowledge acquisition. A unique mathematical model for knowledge acquisition is developed. In this study we adopt the mathematical model that is normally used in disease modelling and apply it to teaching and learning. The developed model is then solved using MATLAB ODE45 and nlinfit to estimate parameters for actual data. The results of this study show that increasing more teaching staff and learning materials under the current assumptions does improve knowledge acquisition. Increasing dropout rates and forgetting rates negatively affects knowledge acquisition as expected, showing that the mathematical model normally used for disease modelling can be applied to this area. Index Terms- Differential equations, knowledge acquisition, least squares.