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Challenges and Opportunities in CSR in Indian Textile Smes

The Indian Textile sector is globally known industry from many centuries. In fact, one of the motives of East Indian Company was to explore opportunities of Indian Textile products for European markets when they commenced their business in India in sixteen century. This sector has observed many phases of transformation from highly labour intensive technology to today’s end to end automated manufacturing plants. The value chain of this sector covers almost all types of organization like tiny, small, medium and large scale enterprises. Over a period of time, corporate has realized the importance of CSR for business consolidation and also for social acceptance of the entity in different global markets. In India, Government and public & private sector organizations have started their efforts in this area specifically in last two decades. The CSR is very important for Indian Textile sector, as it provides employment to large section of the society in many states. This paper primarily attempts to understand present status of CSR activities in Indian small and medium size textile enterprises and also aims to identify social, economical and administrative challenges and opportunities in proliferation of social activities in Indian markets. The paper presents critical findings derived from survey research conducted in fifty textile SMEs. The finding mainly focuses on role of government in policy formation for SMEs and also on supply chain wide issues in Indian Textile sector. Keyword - CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), SME (Small & Medium Size Enterprise), ISCM (Integrated Supply Chain Management)