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Creating By Using Application For Education

Information Communication and Technology or ICT becomes a part of education. Educators can take advantages of ICT by using ICT in learning process. Moreover, mobile learning also becomes useful for education because devices are more mobility, user friendly and most of students have the mobile devices to get into online such as smart phones or tablets. The programs in mobile devices are called application. There are many categories of applications for example applications for entertainment, application for news, application for communication, application for education and etc. A revision of Bloom’s Taxonomy is the classification statements of learning objectives in cognitive domain to six categories: remember, understand, apply, analyze, evaluate and create. The creating is the highest order thinking skill from the taxonomy. The applications for education and instructional design are feasible for achieving the creating in learning objectives. So, in this paper aims to propose the creating by using application for education model which consist of 6 components: learning objectives, teachers and students’ roles, applications for education, devices, supports and evaluation and 4 stages of procedures: introduction stage, teaching and learning stage, conclusion stage and assessment stage. Index Terms—Creating, Bloom’s Taxonomy, Revision of Bloom’s Taxonomy, Application for Education, Application in learning, Instructional Design