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Tourists’ Requirement for Developing Community Products as Souvenirs in Ranong Province, Thailand

The objective of this study aims to explore what are the requirements that tourists want to develop the community product as souvenirs in Ranong Province, Thailand about product design and logo in order to meet the want and need of tourists as the main consumer. This study employed an accidental sampling which is a form of non-probability sampling. The questionnaires packages were through randomly distributed to 400 Thai tourists who were traveling in Ranong province, Thailand at 5 districts as follows: Mueang Ranong District, Kra buri District, La-un District, Suk Samran District and Kapoe District. The findings revealed that that tourists’ requirement for developing community products in Ranong Province, Thailand as souvenirs concerning product design and logo agreed that there should have identity of the community on the logo for community products were as high as 90.3 percent. On logo design should have the identity of the community, local wisdom and natural color tone. Tourists’ requirement for developing community products needed to be emphasis on promoting tourism and promoting the identity of local wisdom. It is important to use paper as the primary material for packaging. The most purchasing products as souvenirs in Ranong province, Thailand are food, beverage, herbal, clothes/costume and other souvenir items. Due to the popular purchasing products as souvenirs in Ranong province was food category, therefore, to develop community products as souvenirs, entrepreneurs should emphasis on the right selection of colors when designing a logo, and packaging must be easy to portable and storage. Keywords - Community Product, Package, Logo, Development, Requirement, Identity, Local Wisdom