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Research System For Basic Structure

The purposes of this article were 1) Study of problems which related to researching in Thailand 2) Gain knowledge and innovation from this research.3) Develop the completed research system.This study was documentary research from related documents and methods also online resourced. The results showed that 1) Leading the country to knowledge-based and innovative country needed more robust and systematic research system which will lead to capacity innovation, community empowerment, small and medium entrepreneurs (SMEs) and main industry can be self-reliance. In this case was the creating sustainable competitive positions at the national level as well as reducing economic disparity, people have better quality of life from the creating a society with a rational process will lead to strengthening by using research and knowledge. Management part for solving and development used evidence based and more over focus on research on biodiversity and ecosystems. The supporting budgets continue phases to develop the competed progress country can be long-term and sustainable economy. 2) There should have clear role in the research system, such as the National research policy office, the research policy branch, research grant (Granting Agency) and other related organizations. The supported budget for research as national research project should provide research quality assurance agency policy and research unit must have system of good governance in research system of the country and this will be mechanism for cooperation between the government, institute, manufacturing knowledge and industry. Also for organization and community used researching, data and information for management and mechanisms in researching for social and commercial used, improving the infrastructure of the country's research system. National research institutes, incubators and advanced research equipment also had a modern database of research, and can be linked to the database with mutual benefit. 3) The government needs to support budget for ongoing researching and focus on in-depth research leading that added value by supporting investment, infrastructure, research development, manpower development and sufficient research staff. Effective management system can create equal and competitive technological knowledge so that the country to be ready and keep the opportunity to increase the value of its existing resources, provide the community with achieved access learning, folk economy from resource conservation and environmental balance to reduce social disparity. Moreover government urgency supports the needs for a powerful driven unit, responsible for policy, budget, legal research, dissemination of information, and local administration. Index Terms—innovation, Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs), and main industry