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An Analysisofthe Characters In Jean Genet’s “The Balcony”

This paper provides a role-play analysis of the characters in Jean Genet’s “The Balcony”. In this work of Genet, Irma had her customers role-play bishop, judge, general, or executioner at her brothel, Le Grand Balcon, so they could realize the roles that they wished to take in the real world. Methodologically, this research adopts qualitative methods such as the life history analysis of the author, narrative and discourse analysis, and text analysis to analyze Jean Genet’s work “The Balcony”. With respect to the theoretical basis, Richard Hornby’s idea is followed: when the audience is watching the role-play of the characters, they focus attention on the states of the characters in the theater, and, as a result, they reflect upon the roles that they play in the society. The theater is a laboratory of identity, where the social roles can be examined and scrutinized. This idea serves as the theoretical ground for this study. Index Terms: “The Balcony”, absurd drama, role-play of characters