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CSR and Organizational Commitment: A Meta-Analysis

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been a crucial topic of research for past few decades. In recent years, researchers have commenced exploring the internal consequences of CSR at employees’ level; however, it is still in its embryonic stage. Purpose of this paper is to systematically review the relationship between Employees’ Perception of CSR and Organizational Commitment. Accordingly, all relevant articles published in last decade on aforesaid theme and indexed in Scopus, the largest database of peer-reviewed literature, are thoroughly reviewed using both narrative & meta-analytic approach. Further, moderator analysis and meta-regression are undertaken using SPSS. Overall, the findings confirm presence of positive linkage between CSR and organizational commitment; however, wide variations are found in the magnitude of association across the literature. Country type (developed/developing), sector (manufacturing/service), CSR towards customers, tenure and gender are found to be confounding the CSR-OC association causing heterogeneity in outcomes across literature; however further probe is required to detect all possible moderating variables. Index Terms - Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Meta-Analysis, Meta-Regression, Organizational Commitment