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Organic Margosa: A Nitrogenous Fertilizer Enhancer (NFE)

Margosa is an organic preparation of Neem (Azadirachta indica) and Karanj (Pongamia pinnata), impregnated with trichoderma & mycorrhizal spores alongwith biomimetic silver nanoparticles as bio stimulators. On application, Margosa limits the leaching loss of chemical fertilizers, thus enhance their bioavailability coupled with higher Nitrogen content in the soil (NFE). Apart from this, it also shows pesticidal, anti-nematodal, pH mordant and soil binding activities in the agriculture fields. The surface functionalized Urea/DAP/CAN particles (with Margosa) enhance flowability, minimize the moisture pickup, stabilize the surface, enhance appearance and modify nutrient release characteristics. Application of Organic Margosa ranges from agro covering use: diverse food crops, cash crops, vegetables, horticultural crops, plantation, lawns to forestry produce etc. Keywords- Margosa, Chemical Fertilizers, NFE, Pongamia pinnata and Azadirachta indica