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The Role of Semiotic Theory Within Educational Info Graphic in Higher Education

This paper aims to explore the role of infographic in educational environment, in more depth; the role of opted visual semiotic shape within infographic in order to improve infographic design for higher education. It also addresses one of the biggest educational problems that face the higher education in Jordan by conducting infographic experiment as case study. Education in Jordan suffers from a weak educational system that uses traditional teaching methods and lacks interactive teaching and learning between the teacher and the students which is the key element to achieving better educational outcomes. Besides that, Education in Jordan tends to use the ordinary teaching techniques in a time where critical thinking and imagination became the core of the most recent educational theories and practices. According to a study conducted on Jordanian public university students to investigate the problems that face them, the results indicated that using instructional methods occupied the first big problems, thus the study recommended to design new and interactive educational programs and implement new teaching techniques in order to keep students on track with the most recent educational systems. Index Terms- Semiotic, Visual communication, Infographic, Higher education.