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The Concept of Identity in Sahar Khalifeh's Novel The Inheritance

The Palestinian literature describes as an arena of struggle. It rises from occupation, diaspora, exile, and struggle to liberate the land. Palestinian literature provides a voice to the Palestinian issues of suffering and hardship. This study discus the concept of identity in Sahar Khalifeh's novel The Inheritance (2005) and apply it in the light of Postcolonial theorists. the Palestinians will be analyzed as the colonized people who try to maintain their identity. The research is guided by one objective; To examine the change of Palestinian identity caused by the conflict between the Palestinians and the Jews. This research tries to study the Palestinian identity from a postcolonial perspective. And analyze this novel in order to explore the Palestinian identity, because the identity is related with many aspects of Palestinian’s life and reinforce the sense of their belonging to their land. Keywords - Palestinian identity, postcolonial, Sahar Khalifeh.