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Information Risk Management In Small And Medium Enterprises In India

The purpose of this research is to investigate the supply chain information risk factors existing in small and medium manufacturing industries (SME) in India. The small scale segment is a manifestation of India�s socio-economic development model and has met with the country�s long term expectations in terms of contribution to GDP, major part of Indian industrial base, employment and exports. Small scale industries contribute about 10% of total GDP. The SME industries are supported by the government and financial institutions like MSME,TIIC, SBI etc. in terms of technical and financial assistance. Even then SME�s are lagging in infrastructure and communication systems etc. In order to analyse the information risk factors in SME, the conceptual model was designed with two independent variable such as internal integration and external integration and top management commitment as a moderating factor. The performance is measured from the technical performance and customer related performance. Keywords- GDP (Gross Domestic Product), SME (Small and Medium Enterprises), SCM ( Supply Chain Management),ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning ), CUG (Closed User Groups)