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Educational Service Quality and Persistence Learning Intention for Adult Learners

Recently, education related departments in Asia had been strived to encourage adults to participate in lifelong learning or recurrent education. Therefore, for attracting more adults to participate in programs, the educational service quality provided by universities should be considered how to be enhanced and improved to meet learner's requirement. Relying on recent conducted studies, aim of this paper is trying to analyzethe relationship among educational service quality, persistence learning intention, and perceived need satisfaction. In the result of this analyze indicates that how to meet adult learners' individual needs is very significant and must be fulfilled. Additionally, with the fast spread of the private educational institutes established, it has become necessary for universities or private schools to provide better educational services for becoming excellence in competition whether among countries and educational institutions, or even to survive in the market. Therefore, more researchers are needed to explore the factors of educational services that might influencelearner learning satisfaction and persistence learning intention, especially for adult population because too many of them drop out from continuous learning programs. However, a lot ofstudies have shown that maturelearners are more likely to be strongly motivated by internal factors, such as self-concept and perceived satisfaction, than other learners. Accordingly, this analyze conceptualizes perceived need satisfaction as a moderator to moderate the effect of educational service quality toward persistence learning intention, and to explore whether perceived need satisfaction would motive adult learner intrinsic learning intention to maintain learning behavior.