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Segmentation and Marketing Strategies Targeting Women’s Jeans in Urban and Rural Market in India

Fashion is defined as most popular or the latest style of clothing, hair, decoration, or behavior. Denim and its products have always been popular and designers from all around the world have made sure to disrupt the industry on constant basis. India after independence had only 2 primary objectives for textile industry that is to provide cheap cloth to countrymen and earn foreign exchange from exports. Economic Reforms of 1991 in India brought vital changes in the industrial policies which sought to deregulate industries and expose firms to international competition. It represented both a challenge, and an opportunity. Denims have always been very important element in fashion industry for both man and women all across the world in all age group. Total no of denims sold annually is 1,24,00,00,000, Furthermore, Size of global denim market is 56 billion dollar, where average no of jeans owned by women is 7 & average no of jeans owned by man is 6.India being highly complex market where people face influence of traditional cultures mixed with western trends is not only a rapidly growing consumption market but is also one of the key countries manufacturing denim fabric and jeans. Textile plays a major role in the Indian economy as It contributes 14 per cent to industrial production , forms 4 per cent of GDP, generates employment for 45 million people directly and 20 million people indirectly hence the industry is one of the largest source of employment generation in the country. It also accounts for nearly 15 per cent of total exports. Main Reasons behind upward growth of the industry are:-Young population where age group of 15-25 constitute 26% of consuming market, rising disposable income ,increase in retail growth and also online platforms boosting sales, high influence of western culture, youth considering jeans as a choice of preference because of its versatile looks, comfort, fashion status etc. Government through various policies aims at easing business, providing efficient capital, generating employment by connecting rural India, and modernizing the industry to best fit the global competition. This paper aims to understand current trends in fashion industry targeting women’s denim jeans and its rivalry with substitute products in India. It also attends to identify unique marketing strategies undertaken by organized and unorganized sector. The findings mainly focus on women’s taste and preference that best satisfies their need as a bottom wear product. It also focuses on integrated marketing communication opted by industries as their key strategy and role of the media in this industry. Key words - Stock keeping unit (SKU), integrated marketing communication (IMC), Aida Model