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Teacher Professional Knowledge and Practice

The lack of implementation of professional knowledge and practices by both qualified and unqualified teachers in certain classrooms is a cause for concern, as effective teaching is the cornerstone in support of the academic achievement of learners. Therefore, all teachers are required to be professionally equipped with the requisite knowledge and practices for effective teaching. Learners in classrooms where the language of instruction is English as a second language (L2) face serious challenges of both learning content and language proficiency, so the importance of principles that might facilitate better teaching and learning should not be underestimated. Thus, teachers should abide by the principles for quality teaching to the fullest extent in order to benefit learners. This conceptual paper seeks to discuss some selected, useful professional principles, which teachers need to be aware of and ultimately apply in their daily classroom practice. Although most teachers are aware of these principles, some seem to not implement them. Indeed, researchers have found many teachers wanting in this regard. However, the paper also focuses on professional practices that ideally should permeate some crucial relevant instructional methods and/or strategies. If teachers apply these principles in conjunction with adequate subject knowledge, it might lead to substantial improvement in the academic achievement of learners. Keywords - Environment, Vocabulary, Linguistic Deficiency, Language, Coding