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Statistical Process Control Implimentation For Process Optimization and Better Quality

Process plays an important role in any industry. For any product in any industry better quality product process is very important. Even a small delay in detecting a quality problem can result in loss in terms of scrap, rework, less profit margins and loss of customer satisfaction. To overcome the quality and productivity issues process should be monitored well. Variations in the process lead into scrap and rework. To monitor and manage process statistical process control techniques are used to minimize the variation in the process. For process control and detect process variation statistical techniques are used by SPC so that process can be managed and under control. SPC uses different control charts for measuring the process variations and process can be continuously improved with the help of different tools and techniques used in the SPC such as seven statistical quality control tools. By implementing SPC benefits in less variation in process and improves the product quality. This paper shows applicability of the statistical process control techniques in different manufacturing industry environment. In this research paper various research articles and case studies on implementation of statistical process control system techniques in the manufacturing industries are selected for review. Keywords: Quality Control, Statistical Quality Control, Statistical Process Control, Control Charts, Process Variation.