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Using Finite Element Simulation To Optimize Thermoplastic Bio-Composites Process Parameters

The use of thermoplastic composite is clearly of higher potential because of: good impact strength, easier recycling, faster processing conditions (no time for curing is required), possibility of production in longer series, lower cost, absence of toxic solvents and higher fracture toughness and elongation on the fracture. Natural fibres today are a popular choice for applications in composite manufacturing. In fact, a major challenge for natural fibre reinforced composites is to achieve high mechanical performance at competitive prices.This paper investigates the processing parameters for the compression moulding of hemp/PLA hybrid yarn bio-composites and their effect on the final mechanical properties. Finite element simulations are used to develop and assess the processing parameters pressure, temperature, and time. The application of the simulation analysis results in considerably reduced the processing times from initially 10 minutes to only 2 minutes, and improved the mechanical bio-composite. Keywords - Bio-composite, Thermoplastic, Finite element simulation, Hybrid yarn.