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For Improvement Of Manufacturing Software Units Reuse

With the growing trend in the development of distributed digitalized manufacturing systems, the interoperability of Manufacturing Software Units (MSU) is becoming more critical for manufacturing system productivity, reliability, and security. In order to assure better development and evolution of working manufacturing units, specification of required interoperability mechanisms should be made since the earliest phases of manufacturing system development. The specified interoperability mechanisms are then to be designed, implemented, and tested before the phase of operating production of integrated manufacturing system. In a given manufacturing domain, for the automation system integration, ISO 16100 series of standards propose a profiling model to classify, store, and reuse MSU in various cases of manufacturing system development and evolution. This paper starts from ISO 16100 MSU profiling, to associate two extended descriptions aiming at better use of ISO 16100 series. Index Terms - ISO 16100 16300 25000 series, Manufacturing Software Units, Software Units Interoperability, Software Unit Profiling.