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Knowledge Management Processes and Workforce Agility: A Theoretical Perspective

This study aims to shed light on the role of knowledge management processes in workforce agility. The quantitative approach will be used for collecting data via questionnaire. The questionnaire will be designed based on the related literature. The study intends to target the human resource managers in manufacturing industry. The results are expected to reveal the importance role of knowledge acquisition or creation on knowledge application and sharing. In addition, the proactive behavior of workforces is a function of knowledge acquisition and application. Furthermore, workforce adaptive behavior is determined by knowledge processes and proactive behavior. Finally, workforces’ resilience behavior depends on proactive and adaptive behavior. Managers and practitioners can benefit from this study by devoting more time and effort to activate knowledge management processes to ensure high level of workforce agility to quickly respond and capitalize on changes in the business environment. Managers also can focus their attention on knowledge creation or acquisition and application to facilitate employees’ proactive behavior. Index Terms: Knowledge Management processes, knowledge-based agility, Workforce agility.