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Teachers’ Perspective in Developing their Quality in Indonesia Systematic Review

Teacher quality is associated to the competences that support teacher performance in the class. Those competences include in mastering the subject, pedagogy in teaching, having a good personality, and having communication and interaction skills. However, the number of teachers in Indonesia are not followed by these competences that they have. The aim of this research was to identify the teachers’ perspective about their needs in developing their quality. There were two electronic databases that had been used to search the literature as data, Google Scholar and Springer Exemplar. The year was limited from 2012 to 2017 and conducted in Indonesia. Moreover, the studies were used primary data that conducted in several provinces in Indonesia as representatives. As the result, ten articles were selected after reading the full text. The results of the studies show that based on teachers’ perspective, the improvement from the government is still needed to develop the professional competence through seminars or training. Furthermore, enhancing motivation through the facility and rewards are another factor that teachers’ need. This issue should be considered to sort out because it has an impact on the teaching and learning process. Therefore, the further researches are needed to address this issue.