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Existence of Culture ADA' Sampulo Rua Community Custom of The Lembang-Gantarang Keke Kab. Bantaeng Through Food Sovereignty

Cultural preservation needs to be done because a culture from the past is a belief for the nation’s that needs to know and understood by nowadays generation and future generation. Culture is a heritage from the ancestors that needs to be preserved as a cultural heritage of the nation. The abundance of natural wealth and cultural diversity that required can be the result of competitive products in the improvement of welfare and moral establishment as a national identity. Started from the animals, plants until the content of water, mineral and rocks as well as the diversity of wealth that is included in the local wisdom, if it managed properly, it would affect the increasing of social life quality. This research aims to explore the values that contained in the procession of Ada’ Sampulo Rua and provide strengthening to the community in Bantaeng especially the culture community of Lembang Gantarang Keke about the importance of conserved the culture Ada’ Sampulo Rua as a heritage from the ancestors that can contribute to the improvement of community welfare trough sovereignty of food. Data collection through observation, interview, documentation and literature. The data analysis techniques include, reduction, display and conclusion. The research findings showed that strengthening food sovereignty through empowering the potential of the cultural community can improve the quality of productivity and can provide benefits for indigenous peoples in preserving the culture that can be the strength of character and the identity of the nation. Keywords: Ada’ Sampulo Rua, Culture, Food Sovereignty