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Evaluation Educational Service Quality Of Physical Education And Sport Sciences Faculty Of The University Of Guilan According To Servqual Model

The quality of educational services is determined by investigating the gap between student�s expectations and provided educational services. This research was following to answer this question: how is the educational services quality in faculty of physical education and sport science of University of Guilan?. To data collection the SERVQUAL questionnaire with 5 dimensions .Content validity of the questionnaire was investigated in viewpoint of experts and reliability of it was calculated with Croanbach�s alpha coefficient. Confirmatory factor analysis was used to determine concept validity.The results showed the perceived dimensions between girls and boys have no significant difference. All of the dimensions of educational services quality have negative and significant gaps.Negative gaps means, the educational services quality were not in the expectation of students and so essential actions must be done to meet the student�s expectations. Keywords- evaluation, educational services quality, SERVQUAL, perception, expectation