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Exploring Preservice Teachers Attitudes Towards Teaching Physical Education: A Case Study at a Japanese University

Attitudes has been identified as one of the factors that can affect the teaching and learning process either positively or negatively. Formation of attitudes are determined by the interrelationship between three main aspects which are behaviour, cognitive as well as affective and can be influence by experiences either good or bad. In this paper, the attitudes of preservice teachers of a local Japanese University are explored based on their behaviour, cognitive processes and emotional inclinations towards teaching Physical Education using a case study approach in which both qualitative and quantitative data were collected. Findings from this research suggests that the preservice teachers are concern about their readiness to teach Physical Education and are open to professional development. It was discovered that the preservice teachers value student feedbacks as it encourages good teacher-student relationships. Keywords: Attitudes, pre-service, Physical Education, teaching, case study.