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Ranking The Suitable Places For Investment By Fuzzy Topsis And Ahp Approach (Case Study: Areas Of Isfahan Province)

Usually, MCDM use for choosing the best provided option that their criteria may be in conflict with each other and by providing results , facilitate the decision making process. In this research the aim is prioritizing some areas of Isfahan, based on prioritization of measures affecting investment to be determined between cited areas which require the greatest amount of investment. To achieve the research aim, first weighting the areas by using of fuzzy TOPSIS and entropy methods and finally by using of AHP ranked. To avoid confusion caused by the uncertainty in the decision making at all stages used of triangular fuzzy numbers. In the first phase, textile manufacturing criteria with the most weight was placed in the first priority, in the following, non-metallic mineral products, rubber and plastic products and machinery and equipment products placed. In the second phase, Natanz was placed in the first priority, and Nain, Kashan and Ardestan were placed in turn, in the second, third and last priorities. Keywords- Effective Criteria, Investment, TOPSIS Approach, Fuzzy AHP.