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Artisan Branding: An Emerging Dimension for Socially Responsible Brands

In this paper, based on a survey with 305 respondents, the differential levels are examined at which experiential value is derived from Indian fashion craft brands that leverage on artisan empowerment. It was found that customers derive experiential values at behavioral, affective and relational levels upon exposure to ads of such brands while the sensory and cognitive experiential value remain ineffective in this case. This effect was observed in both type of respondents-the ones who consumed such craft brand products in the past and the ones who have not. The results were confirming with the two sample profiles of student and non-student. Further it was found that craft brand experiential value (CBEV) lead to self-brand connection which was foundto not having a direct impact on purchase intention. Index terms - Strategic branding, consumer psychology, experience marketing, self-bran relationship, socially responsible consumption