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The Agrocentric Theory And Sustainable Food Security

The planetary theory of law is to the effect that law occupies a central position in relation to all disciplines with all other disciplines revolving round the law with mutual benefits for the law and other disciplines. This theory places the law in the position of the sun in the solar system while other disciplines occupy the position of planets that revolve round the sun. However, this lofty theory of the predominance of law is being challenged by the agrocentric theory. It has emerged that that the enviable position of centrism, including predominant impact and benefit is not peculiar to law alone in its relationship with other disciplines. The discipline of agricultural studies has equally displayed a profound case of a discipline which equally occupies a central and unique position in the comity of disciplines. Revolving round agriculture are disciplines from agricultural accounting to zoological management. Several disciplines have long emerged to boost agriculture and agricultural studies to the extent that the planetary theory cannot be said to be peculiar to the regime of law in the scheme of all disciplines. The aim of this research is to explore the unique and central position of agriculture, hence the agrocentric theory. Key Words - Agrocentric theory, agriculture, food security, Agrophysics