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Carbonization of Stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica) by Thermal and Chemical Processing

Carbon can be produced from natural materials by physical, chemical or physicochemical method. The stinging nettle is a natural waste material. Various nettle plants can be used in textile, food, medicine, agriculture and cosmetic products. However, there is no research studied production of carbon from stinging nettle by thermal and chemical processing. In this work stinging nettles were separated to nettle stem and nettle leaf, treated by hydrochloric acid and pre-carbonized at 450 ˚C, then stinging nettle was activated with potassium hydroxide and carbonized at 800 ˚C. The microstructure and chemical composition of nettle stem and nettle leaf were different in each process. The carbon nanostructure was found in nettle stem and nettle leaf after carbonization processing. Keywords - Carbonization, Natural materials, Chemical activation