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The Effect of Marketing Factors in Attracting Tourism Marketing: A Case of Jordan.

The present study aimed to identity the effect / impact of marketing factors in attracting tourism marketing in Jordan .Several independent variables were adopted for the present study in order to measure the effect of marketing factors represented by prices of tourism service ;skills of human resources in tourism sites , infrastructure availability, supporting services provided to tourists and security and stability of Jordan. On the other hand , the dependent factor was the attraction to tourism marketing in Jordan . To achieve the goal of the present study ;the researcher designed a questionnaire as a tool to collect the data ,and was self distributed to a purposed random sample of tourists visiting tourist places in Jordan .500 questionnaire were distributed to the sample of the study; out of which 40 questionnaires were not returned , and 15 questionnaires were not usable for statistical analysis ,as a result of which a total of 445 usable questionnaires for statistical analysis ,with a response rate of 89% . The results of the present study shows that all the independent variable represented by marketing factors have statistically significant impact /effect in attracting tourism marketing in Jordan .The results shows that each variable have a specific contortion with the highest one goes for stability and security in Jordan Based on the results of the present study ,the research recommended that Government of Jordan should enhance the promotional activities to encourage foreign tourists to visit Jordan as well as giving good training programs for the workers in the tourism sector through which they can gain skills and competencies to motivate and give good reputation to tourism industry in Jordan. Further studies should be conducted by different researchers in different fields and with different dimensions. Key words- Marketing factors, Price, Tourism Marketing , Supporting Services, Jordan .