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Sustaining Independent Language Learning Via Mobile Tagging: The Use of Quick Response Code to Enhance Students’ Motivation in An Algerian University EFL Classroom

It is no one’s secret that teaching and learning processes are being conducted via the instrumentality of technology in a very effective and felicitous way. Exploring and analyzing teaching methods and processes that incorporate technology is at the heart of educational technology, worldwide. The use of Quick Response (QR) Code, known as mobile tagging, within undergraduate university courses and most particularly in foreign language learning/ teaching is not new but at the same time not familiar to foreign language learners and teachers in many countries and Algeria is no exception. The objective of this research work is to shed the light on the pros and cons of a tentative course to implement the QR code as a new learning aid in English language learning / teaching contexts at University level in Algeria. The study examines to what extent students’ motivation is enhanced by the employment of multiple QR codes learning activities and considers likewise students’ perceptions on the effectiveness of QR codes as new technological learning aids in a foreign language learning context. Students' perceptions were aggregated using administered questionnaires and through interviewing language teachers. Practical examination of the data collected reveals substantial data which unveils the impact the Algerian socio-cultural, economic, and educational reality is having on challenging and impacting learners interest, performance, motivation and reluctance. Keywords-Technology in Education, QR Codes; Foreign Language Education; Student Performance; Mobile Learning; Quick Response Codes; Undergraduate English Education