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Survey Analysis of Usage of Mobile Platform by the Faculty of Technical Institutes for Teaching and Learning

World over growth of mobile users has been phenomenal over the years and especially in Indian context where rate of increase of mobile users has been extraordinarily high. Mobile phones have changed the lifestyle of Indians in all spheres of day to day life. Usage of mobile platform as a teaching and learning tool is still not harnessed fully in India. Looking towards the potential of mobile platform and the present percentage of mobile users in general, the authors conducted a survey among the faculty of Engineering and Polytechnic Institutes of Western region of India regarding the use of mobile phone/platform for teaching and learning. Survey revealed that the teachers require awareness, motivation and technical support to use this platform extensively. Training of teachers and support for acceptance of this tool for improvement of efficiency and effectiveness of teaching and learning is the major finding of this research work. Based on the survey analysis, suggestions are proposed to make an action plan for sensitizing the teachers to adopt this tool for the academic and professional advancement. Keywords - Mobile Learning, Collaborative learning, e-learning, Mobile apps., Learning style