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Design Of Mangosteen Fruit Pulper Machine As An Innovative Solution To Increase The Value-Added Of Manggosteen

Research procedure includes identification of physical characteristic of mangosteen seeds, development and evaluation of mechanisms for separating pulp and seeds of mangosteen fruit, engineering design, manufacturing, and performance testing. Three mechanisms were developed and analyzed in order to separate the seeds and pulp of the mangosteen fruit: 1) a horizontal cylinder mechanism with a rotating brush, 2) a mechanism of a vertical cylinder with a rotating brush, and 3) a vertical cylinder with a stationary brush. These three mechanisms use four brushes. The separating cylinder has a length of 40 cm and a diameter of 20 cm. The separating cylinder and cylinder cover and the shaft are made of stainless steel. This mechanism is manually moved by crank. The material used in the model test is a large group of mangosteen fruit category with fruit diameter> 6.5 cm; fruit weight> 140 and medium group with fruit diameter 5.5-6.5 cm; weight fruit 70-140 g. Test material for model is a mangosteen fruit without peel. The evaluation result using Analytic Hierarchy Process showed that the horizontal cylinder mechanism with a rotating brush was the best mechanism for separating process to be implemented. The results of analysis using AHP showed that the mechanical separation horizontally with spinning brush blade is the best mechanism of the three existing models. This is expressed as a percentage of 47.5% for the mechanism. The model is reference for made a prototype. A prototype of a separating machine using the mechanism was made and tested. Performance testing on the prototype using mangosteen fruit obtained from the mangosteen peel processing industry in Bogor From the test results are known capacity proces is 157.3 kg / hour while the ouput capacity is 93.5 kg / hour. The process of separation of seeds and pulp of mangosteen fruit successfully done without the broken seeds. Index Terms: Machine, Mangosteen Fruit, Pulp, Seeds, Separation.