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Structural Violence in Myanmar: Ethnic Cleansing and Human Rights

Over the decades, Myanmar has adopted iron-fisted policy to demolish the ethnic minorities from its land. Though Myanamar is said to have the richest ethnic diversity in Asia, civilians living in the ethnic areasare deprived of the least facilities, in addition, most of them minority groups have been undergoing forced displacement, torture, sexual violence and at times death.Last year, over 6 lacsRohingyas people took shelter in neighboring country Bangladesh when Myanmar launched “operation clearance”. The UN Secretary termed this as “StructuralViolence” against the most persecuted ethnic group in the world. This paper aims to focus on structural violence againstdifferent ethnic minorities in general. More specifically attention will be given to recent violence against Rohingyas Muslims. To explore the nature of structural violence against ethnic minorities in Myanmar, this paper primarily discusses the theory of structural violence. Then it will attempt to shed light on the very recent issue of ethnic cleansing launched against Rohingyapeople which ultimately echoed the violence of human rights in every respect. Keywords - Ethnic Minorities, Operation Clearance, Structural Violence, Ethnic Cleansing And Human Rights