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A Study of Business Students’ Motivation to Learn in Gamifiedmooc Courses

There is an increasing number of studies in the new trends in Education, for example, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and the use of gamification in e-learning. This study seeks to investigate how gamified MOOC courses stimulate business students’ learning motivation. A research frame work is developed consisting of five factors, which were grouped into two categories, namely learning process (individual engagement, cooperation and competition) and learning outcome (enjoyment and achievement). Findings show that enjoyment (learning outcome) plays a significant role and adding more “cooperation” elements during the learning process in the gamified online learning platform can help increasing students’ learning motivation. Gamification can be applied as a teaching strategy in all educational institutions so that educators can turn their classes into gamified MOOC courses for stimulating students’ interests and motivation to learn. Index Terms – Gamification, MOOCs, Motivation to learn.