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Design Of JAMU Beverages In Bottle Ready-To-Drink Through Sustainable Manufacturing With Kansei Engineering

Nowadays, the beverage industries tend to produce various kinds of beverage, including traditional beverage we called it as Jamu. Jamu as the type of traditional medicine has been consumed by the people around the world. Beside it, the packaging has other functions beside to wrap the product, but also serve as a good marketing tool.This research will use Kansei Engineering as the main method by collecting kansei word. The results of the data collection will be used as the basic to develope the new jamu ready to drink-bottle design. The design will be generated according to consumer’s desire. This research purposes to create a new ready-to-drink bottle design of jamu beverage that can be the the additional factor to improve the consumers purchase level.Based on Kansei Engineering method through kansei words, the words chosen by respondents will be expected to be consumers of this product . Keyword - Beverage Industry, Jamu, Kansei Engineering, Ready-to-drink bottle.