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Using Computer Aided Teaching to Enhance Learning Among Low Achieving Learners In An English Language Classroom

Computer Aided Teaching (CAT) is widely used in language teaching to create learning spaces that assist low achieving learners to adapt to different classroom instructions in language teaching and learning. With the proliferation of information technology, the adoption and use of computers in language acquisition has become anecessity. This paper, from a constructivist point of view,is aimed at examining the effectiveness of using computer technology to assist low-achieving learners to acquire English Language. The data were collected from a remedial class of 32 low-performing learners who are participants in the Reading and Writing Lab project. The datacollected were analysed qualitatively. The results of the study reflected that participants acquired spelling, vocabulary and general writing skills better and faster through the use of computer aided instruction. Therefore, this study recommends a vigorous implementation of the Computer-Aided Language Learning (CALL) programme in local juniorsecondary schools. Index Terms - Computer-Aided Language Learning, Computer Aided Teaching, Low achievers, Reading and Writing Lab (RAWL)