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Using Clicker 7 as An Educational Technological Tools for Teaching in University - A Case Study of First Year Chemistry Department

The world as we know it as evolved beyond man's imagination in terms of globalisation – all thanks to Education and the introduction of Technology. And as it is an arguable truth that Technology and education are like Siamese twins. They work hand in hand. One can do without the other. Education is not just limited to acquiring some skill sets, values and knowledge but its usage in logical reasoning and intellectual matters is the major cutting edge in the world today. Educational technology as given rise to various tools i.e. software and application that is aiding and enhancing learning through a proper interaction between Teachers and student. Looking back from where Education started, it is evident that great improvement has been made over the years to revolutionize the means of imparting knowledge into the world at large. Hence, Educational online tools are the building blocks to a proper and efficient development and improvement of teaching and learning. This study shows the design and usage of one of the latest educational tool. (Clicker 7) Keywords - Educational Technology, Online tools, Clicker 7