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A Framework for Gamified E-Learning Systems Acceptance in Saudi Arabian Universities : Gamified E-Learning Systems

E learning is an essential approach, and one which complements the traditional teaching approach. The use of e learning has increased due to the rapid development of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). This growth has encouraged many institutions to adopt e learning and use it to train, teach, and deliver learning to students. However, the success of e learning is tied to learners’ willingness to accept the system through which learning is delivered.Many education institutions and e-learning development parties tend to find ways to increase students’ willingness to accept e learning, one of which is gamification. This paper provides an in-depth reviewabout the importance of gamification and how it can be beneficial when involved in education, along with a literature review of e-learning and e-learning systems. Keywords - E-Learning, E-Learning systems, Gamified E Learning systems, Gamification.