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Adhesive Wear Behavior Of Tin And Crncoated Din115crv3 Steel Tools At Different Load Conditions

In manufacturing industry, the wear of cutting tools play a major role especially in surface roughness and finish quality of final products. In this study, hardened tool steel DIN 115CrV3 with superior mechanical properties was used as cutting tools. A physical vapor deposition (PVD) technique was performed for coating TiN and CrN on steels heat treated at 780�C. The adhesive wear experiments were performed at progressive and constant loads and then they were quantified and compared to hardened steel. Results of adhesive wear under progressive load showed lower friction of coefficient and friction force compared to ceramic coatings. The internal stress of hardened steel was found higher relative to TiN- and CrN- coated tools. The measurement of critical load of adhesion and delamination failure showed that CrN coating had better resistance than TiN coating. The hardened steel tools performed the worst adhesive wear at constant load compared to ceramic coatings. TiN-coated tools had better coefficient of friction values and adhesive wear properties at constant load than the others. Microstructure analysis of worn samples were used for characterization of wear properties of the samples. Keywords- Adhesive Wear, Physical Vapor Deposition, Coating, Delamination