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A Study On Biodegradation Of 1, 4-Dioxane Using Mixed Consortium Of Bacteria

In this study, we determined the biological kinetic coefficient of mixed consortium of bacteria which live on only 1,4-dioxane as the sole source of energy and carbon. Relatively low half-speed concentration (Ks =7.47mg1,4-dioxane/L) and high cell yield (YT = 0.434mgVSS/mg1,4-dioxane) were observed to suggest the high affinity of bacteria. Also, The rate of substrate utilization and microbial growth can be slowed down or speeded up by the presence of extra carbon source. The experiment was conducted to investigate the effect of normal carbon source in wastewaters such as dextrose and THF an analog structure of 1,4-dioxane, to biodegradation of 1,4-dioxane by mixed consortium.Dextrose was showed to be consumed together with 1,4-dixoane by enriched culture, but don�t have any influence on 1,4-dioxane biodegradation while THF was proved as a competitive inhibition of 1,4-dixoane. Index Terms- 1, 4-Dioxane, Biodegradation, Parameter, Cometabolism