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Evaluation Of The Tigris River Water Quality For Domestic And Irrigation Uses Near Drinking Water Treatment Plants Through Baghdad City

This study has been prepared for the purpose of evaluating the Tigris River water quality for domestic and irrigation uses. Samples from eight different plants along the Tigris River through the Baghdad city for a period of eight years from 2005 to 2013 The parameters of water quality used in this work are (turbidity NTU, pH, total hardness mg / L, magnesium mg / L, calcium mg / L, sulphate mg / L, iron mg/L, fluoride mg/L, Nitrate mg/L, chloride mg/L, conductivity μs / cm, Total dissolved solids TDS mg/L). Data analysis shows that the water quality parameters of Tigris River are compatible with the drinking water standards except the turbidity, iron and calcium which show increasing levels than the maximum allowable levels for drinking water standards. For irrigation purpose data results shows that the water of Tigris River is medium to high salinity and cause saline and alkali damages. Key words- Tigris River, Domestic, Irrigation, Salinity, Alkali