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A Change of Higher Education Institutions in South Korea: Focused on Korean Massive Open Online Courses

This paper sheds light on the fact that the South Korean government has introduced Mass Open Online Coursesto provide educational opportunities to anyone, and since then, the number of universities participating in KoreanMOOC has been skyrocketing over the past three years. In this paper, I examine the backgrounds and causes of why the boom of MOOCs spread in Korea was formed and discuss the future prospects of Korean MOOC with some problems.In conclusion, the crisis of Korean universities and the intentional shift of education policy by Korean education authorities led to the spread of K-MOOC in a short period of time. In the near future, K-MOOC lectures and participating universities will increase explosively, so it will be necessary to develop good quality content to achieve quality growth. Index Terms - Higher education, K-MOOC, lifelong education, MOOCs, e-learning