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Managing E-Waste – Issues and Challenges

The electronic industry is the world‟s largest and fastest growing manufacturing industry. It has become leverage to the socio - economic and technological growth of a developing society. The consequence of its consumer oriented growth combined with rapid product obsolescence and technological advances are a new environmental challenge - the growing menace of “Electronics Waste” or “e waste” that consists of obsolete electronic devices. The current practices of e-waste management in India suffers a number of disadvantages like inadequate legislation , difficulty in inventorisation, health hazards due to informal recycling, poor awareness and reluctance on part of the corporate to address the critical issues. The impacts are intense when toxic materials enter the waste stream with no special precautions, creates adverse effects on the environment and human health and when economically valuable materials are dumped resources are wasted or unhealthy conditions are developed during the informal recycling. Current article gathers the current scenario of E waste generation, data on components and hazardous substances of e-waste that are creating environmental pollution and human exposure to these chemicals, resulting adverse effects due to recycling, incineration and landfill disposal of e-waste. Key words - E-waste, toxics, health hazard, impacts and management.