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The Moderating Role Of Work Alienation In The Relationship Between Psychological Capital And Job Satisfaction: A Research In Service Sector

Competition experienced on a global scale has revealed the strategic importance of human resources that businesses have. Businesses are trying to utilize the potential of this strategic resource as much as possible. Psychological capital, which was determined to provide positive psychology and positive organizational outputs, comes forward in the studies carried out at this point. In this study, whether work alienation has moderator effect in the relation between psychological capital and job satisfaction was investigated with the participation of employees working in hotel businesses in accommodation sector which is one of the leading sectors where customer satisfaction plays a key role. With this purpose, data obtained with questionnaire form conducted on 350 employees working in 4-5 star accommodation businesses which are active in Ankara were analyzed. Relations between variables and their effects were asserted with correlation and regression analyses. Moderator effect is also tested. According to findings obtained, work alienation has moderator effect on the relation between psychological capital and job satisfaction. As the level of work alienation decreases, effect of psychological capital on job satisfaction increases. Keywords - psychological capital, work alienation, job satisfaction, Moderator Effect