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An Analysis of Human Resource Management (HRM) Practices in Bangladesh Ready-Made Garments Sector

Bangladesh Ready-Made Garments (RMG) had grown significantly over the last decades in every term but unfortunately quality of locally produced goods is still an issue. According to BGMEA report (2014) RMG consists around 40% manufacturing as well as 50% of total workforce and 78% of total export earnings generate from this sector. Most of employees in RMG are women around 90% where 4.2 million people are working in this sector. However, the potential growth and prospect in Bangladesh RMG sector is huge. And for using this opportunities it should focused on proper implementation of HR policies to emphasis quality performance. In recent knowledge based economic condition human resource is the most crucial resource as organizational effectiveness and efficiency is largely depends on the utilization capacity of this resource especially in case of Ready-made Garments industry in Bangladesh. Yet, the realities for RMG organizations are that their people remain undervalued, under trained and underutilized. Due to improper HR practices labor unrest rate in RMG is high and employee productivity rate is lower than its competitors. As RMG is the rising sector for further investment, now a day a much concern is needed to improve and sustain garments companies growth. Human Resource Management requires much more concern in Bangladesh RMG sector. In this aspect, literatures proved that, HR practices didn’t get much attention which need to be measured and analysis in the aspect of Bangladesh RMG sectors quality performance improvement as in RMG sector human resources is the main advantage for industrial growth and sustainable competitive advantage in business. So this study is required to lift up this expectation to fulfill this research gap. Keywords - Human Resource Management, Quality performance, Employee productivity, RMG.