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The Physical Application of Ceramics Glaze from Agriculture Waste; Baby Corn Shell Ash

The purpose of this research was to studythe physical application of baby corn shell ash ceramics glaze from agriculture waste that affect to pottery design by 66 point Triaxial blend technique. The raw material were used in this study are Feldspar, Kaolin and fly ash from agriculture waste. The composition were calculate, mixing and blending by ball mill. The clay body of test picecs were firing at 800°C before glaze coating and firing again at the temperature at 1200°C. The results show that some of the glaze from baby corn shell show the best appearance such as good transparency, glossy, fine cracking, completely melting and a slightlydowntofillon apattern and emphasis. It can be conclude that the glaze from baby corn shell is suitable forpottery design. It is also beneficial to the ceramics industry in terms of cost savings and preserving the environment. Index Terms - Ceramics glaze, agriculture waste, baby corn shell, ash