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Packaging from Local Red Clay

This research aimed toachieve in finding the packaging needs that were suitable for the production in the community as well as the customers through interviews, locating the identity and setting it up successfully through the participation among the community people, utilizing the local red clay and suitable glazing techniques to produce the packaging and testing them at a lab under the standardized requirements , and lastly testing the marketing mix of the produced and tested packaging products through the questionnaire and the interview to obtain consumers’ perspectives. The research found that manufacturers and customers demanded that packaging were to be strong to withstand heat and they had to add value to the products. The community identity encompassed coconut, water, and drums. Local red clay was used in a slip casting process and with suitable glazing techniques according to the set standards. It was also employed to produce ceramics conformed to the standards of the quality products. The manufacturers could apply the community identity to meet their customers’ needs. Index Terms - Packaging, Local Red Clay, Community Products, Community Identity.