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The Application of Local Wisdom for Designing Exhibition by using Social Networks to Promote Tourism Community – A Case Study of the MONB Community in Bang Kradi District of Bangkok

The research Ideas on Application of Local Wisdom in Designing InteractiveExhibits for the Purpose of Publicizing the Community – A Case Study of the Mon Community in Bang Kradi District, is a research utilizing a mixed method between qualitative research on local wisdom and the contexts within the community. The objective is to yield a methodology for the design and creation of exhibits which would involve the audience and which would present the community in a way that stimulate tourists’ interest in visiting the Mon community in Bang Kradi.The population used in the study comprises 70 local residents within the community, and 166 residents of Greater Bangkok whom were picked by accidental sampling. The tools used for the research include 1) Interview form on local wisdom. 2) Questionnaire asking tourists about their tourism behavior. 3) Evaluation form on visitors’ satisfaction with the exhibit’s design. Statistics used for analysis include percentages, means and standard deviations. Data collection centered on two major issues – the first on local wisdom that still exists within the community at present, and the second on tourism-related demands and tourists’ awareness of various mediums. From the research, it was determined that the wearing of Mon shawls is thought by community residents as having the greatest importance among the local wisdoms, due to the practice being an identity unique to the community. The Mon language and Thayae Mon music were identified as the second- and third-most significant local wisdoms, respectively Keywords - Local wisdom, Mon, Relational Aesthetics, Social Media, Tourism, Exhibition