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Theoretical Application and Practical Outcome of CLT: A Case Study of Secondary Level Students of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a developing country. A country’s development is the result of its strong communicative background. Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) was initiated in Europe in the 1970s to cope with the influx of new immigrants and guest workers.Though CLT came to our country in 1990s, still it is not a successful program. This paper aims at tracing out the gap between the theoretical concept and practical feedback of CLT in the context of Bangladesh. For this purpose, the data has been collected from about 200 students of 10 different secondary level schools of Dhaka, Bangladesh. This paper also attempts to study the present state of teaching and learning English at the secondary schools in Bangladesh. It offers an analysis of the current theoretical application and practical outcome of CLT based on secondary level students of Bangladesh. Finally, it suggests some recommendations to overcome this gap and to make students communicatively competent. Keywords - Learning English, Secondary Level, CLT, Theoretical and Practical Concept