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Compression Strength, Hardness And Shear Strength of Heat Treated Beech (Fagus Orientalis) Wood In Buffered Mediums

Hydrothermal treatment of beech wood in buffered mediums was carried out by aim of controlling the destructive effect of acids formed by degradation of carbohydrates on strength properties. Different mediums (water, buffer5, 7 and 8) and temperatures (160 and 180 �C) were used. Mechanical properties of specimens including compression strength (║,), hardness and shear strength were determined. FTIR spectra focusing on indexes of carbohydrates degradation obtained and according to findings, results of mechanical tests were analyzed.Hydrothermal treatment in buffer 5 (acidic medium) caused a considerable loss in mechanical properties, while treatment in buffer 7 (neutral medium) and buffer 8 (alkaline medium)did notchanged the mechanical properties, significantly. It can be concluded that buffering the medium of hydrothermal treatment in neutral level prevents the strength loss and extends the usage of heat-treated wood in load-bearing applications. Keywords- Hydrothermal Treatment, Buffered Medium, Mechanical Properties, Crystallinity Index